Sell with Confidence
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Selling Tips

At Ray White Ascot, we believe selling your home is very much a partnership process.

What we will do:
Our sales force will be unrelenting in their drive to present your home to prospective buyers. We will respond to your views and concerns at each stage of the selling process.

What you can do:
Our experience has shown us that the presentation and availability of the property for viewing are the two most critical factors in a successful and timely sale.
Things that make a difference:

• Flexible viewing times
Undoubtedly the most inconvenient part of selling is the constant stream of people traipsing through your house. However, previous sales have shown us that availability of the house for viewing has a direct impact on our ability to sell. Often, the buyer is only in town for a couple of days and a key opportunity is lost if your house in not available for inspection.

• An inviting exterior
A thorough refinement of your home’s exterior helps ensure a potential buyer will inspect your home. Many buyers do a ‘drive-by’ before deciding to inspect. Well-manicured gardens, clean exterior and visual warmth (e.g. pot plants and other landscape features) will ensure buyers are motivated to inspect.

• A tidy, well-cleaned interior
We understand that keeping your house in immaculate condition for the sale period is almost impossible! We will always seek to give you plenty of warning to prepare your house for inspection. A clean, tidy house tells the buyer that you have cared for the house and minimises their concerns about unseen damage to the house.

• Kitchen, bathroom, cupboards
The age-old wisdom still holds true: some houses are sold on the features of their kitchens and bathrooms. For example, when comparing similar houses, buyers will often be ‘tipped’ towards a certain property because of kitchen appearance or bathroom features. So presenting your kitchen and bathroom in the best condition possible is essential. Another concern for many buyers is the amount of storage available. Ensure your cupboards are tidy and not cluttered. This will demonstrate adequate storage space.

• Repairs and safety
Dripping taps, sticky windows or loose tiles give buyers the impression the house has not been cared for. Ensuring all repairs have been carried out before displaying your home is paramount: for sale ability as well as safety!

• Lighting
Living in a tropical climate, buyers are often attracted to houses that feature light airy spaces. Keep windows open and curtains drawn to showcase your house in the best possible light. If showing your house at night, you might consider mood lighting (e.g. lamps, fairy lights) in outdoor environments to create additional appeal.

• Inviting smells
Ensure your house is free of bad odors such as pet smells and insecticides. Inviting aromas such as freshly brewed coffee or fresh flowers can help make prospective buyers feel relaxed and creates a welcoming air to your home.