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How to apply for a rental property

Firstly, download the Tenancy Application Formand make sure all your contact information and identification is ready to go.

Here is what you will need:

  • Full contact information of all proposed occupants including mobile phone numbers and email addresses
  • Current residential address information
  • Details of all pets (if any) including type, size and whether they are kept inside or outside
  • Vehicle registration numbers for all proposed occupants and whether any of the occupants are smokers or not
  • Personal references, to be on the safe side its best to have 2 personal references that are already written and available to be attached to the application
  • Employment details, name of your employer and payroll contact details. We do need to call and confirm employment.
  • Employment and/or work reference, this needs to be different to the payroll contact.

Identification – 100 points required:

  • Proof of Income/Pay Slips (Compulsory)
  • Current Bank Statement (Compulsory)
  • Centrelink Statement (Compulsory)
  • Proof of Address (Electricity / Phone Bill) – 10 points
  • Photo ID (Drivers License/Passport) – 40 points each
  • Birth Certificate – 10 points
  • Bank/Medicare Cards – 10 points each
  • Copy of Residential Rates Notice – 10 points

How we process your application:

  • Before submitting your application, you or or someone on your behalf will need to view the property and accept you would like to apply for the property in its current condition
  • Your application will be processed during normal business hours, we do require 2 business days to process
  • After checking, your application is submitted to the owner for their decision. Their decision is final

Should your application be successful:

  • You will not be committed to the property until you view and agree to the relevant Tenancy Agreement and its terms.  Once agreed, you are committed to the property and are required to pay 2 weeks rent in advance within 24 hours. The property will not be removed from our availability list until the rent is paid and the agreement is fully signed
  • Once the commencement date is agreed, it can not be changed
  • Before moving in, you are required to pay your bond, equivalent to 4 weeks rent. We do not accept bond transfers, however QLD housing bond loans will be accepted once approved.
  • We are a cashless office and therefore require electronic payment of rent. Here we recommend the following  3 options being, Simple Rent, Bank Cheque or Pay Roll/Pension Deduction
  • Please make an appointment with our leasing team in our office to sign the relevant tenancy documentation. These appointments can be made weekdays between 8.30am – 5pm, please  allow 30 mins for this.