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Ray White Ascot is owned by Director and Principal Dwight Ferguson. From a standing start when first opened in 2003, the Ascot office is now the number one Brisbane office, number two Queensland office and is ranked in the top three Ray White offices internationally. Ray White Ascot's commitment to excellence is also apparent and the team was recently awarded number one in Queensland for customer satisfaction as surveyed and reported by the community.

Dwight’s experience in Real Estate is extensive and varied. Born into a real estate dynasty, he began his real estate career with the Ray White Corporation in Redcliffe in 1990. Joining a twenty strong sales team, Dwight practised under the guidance of his principal father, Barry Ferguson. This early stage of Dwight’s career saw him excel in the industry, resulting in him ranking in the Top 10 Salespeople in QLD & achieving the number one Auction Lister award. During the span of his career in real estate Dwight has been exposed to many different market places, market conditions and many different types of property marketing, including special projects and developer sales and marketing.

During the next stage of his career, Dwight was an associate at Ray White QLD corporate office for three years, where he was responsible for business development and training of salespeople and auctioneers. This career move strengthened his strong commitment to the continuing development of his own and his teams' professional skills. He continues to maintain and encourage ongoing training personally and for the sales team to ensure the entire Ray White Ascot team is kept abreast of industry guidelines, legislation changes and current sales techniques and skills.

Since returning to life as a franchise office principal and director he has operated various offices on the north side of Brisbane, including New Farm, Stafford and CBD Residential. Dwight is a consistent top performer and is the number two selling principal in Queensland.

Dwight’s energy, passion and determination ensure that the Ray White Ascot office will continue to set the performance standard in the marketplace. He maintains a hands-on approach to managing the sales team and is active on a day to day sales role in addition to administering a staff of over forty people. Dwight feels that this is key to developing and maintaining a Real Estate company that services our client’s every real estate need - not only for today, but well into the future. 


  • 2017 - 2017/2018 Premier Performer
  • 2017 - 2017/2018 Elite Performer
  • 2016 - 2017 Elite Performer
  • 2015 - 2016 Elite Performer
  • 2014 - 2015 Elite Performer
  • 2017 - $8 million in settled commission in their career
  • 2016 - Significant Settled Commission $8 million
  • 2016 - 2017 Premier Member
  • 2016 - Loan Market Top Referring Salesperson Volume
  • 2015 - Top Partners Residential Sales - No. 1
  • 2015 - Loan Market Top Referring Salesperson Number of Loans - No. 1
  • 2015 - Loan Market Top Referring Salesperson Volume - No. 1
  • 2013 - Top Partners Residential Sales - No. 2
  • 2014 - Max White Award
  • 2014 - Top Partners Residential Sales - No. 2
  • 2016 - Loan Market Top Referring Salesperson Number of Loans
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